Seasons of Mortality

Like the new leaves and buds of SPRING
You’ve blossomed into the barren blunder that is left of this world.
Your entrywill be a trickling shiver that’ll create an everlasting memory that sends a shiver down your mum’s spine the first time you smile.
Daddy will love to keep you on his back and get you toys that chime and you whine,
But it’s all fine,
because you’re new here.Right?
You won’t even tumble and turn for a while
But They’ll love you more than the tallest moutains and oceans deep
You will be innocent,cute and fragile.

Little will they know that SUMMER has arrived.
Her little drop of joy has turned to a bucket of ecstasy.
For the beginning you’ll be happy and nothing won’t feel like meant to be.
But soon the harsh sunlight just might start it’s conquest and become too bright.
You’ll hate everyone around you and be completely depressed at night.
Love,a tedious topic will melt your pubertal mind.
Irony how the most pleasant of seasons filled with ice creams can also denote the confusion of life.
You’ll get to be new and see new places
Some people will be true and many with fake faces. Life feels like more than a handful.
But you need to be focussed , cautious , and faithful.

The time that denotes shedding,
AUTUMN has come.
And some keys of your melody stop to hum.
Mum was sick and you tried your best but your ange return to heaven from your arms.
Tears rolled down the sides of many cheeks that loved that life.
But you had a hand to wipe them off of yours.
The bond of marriage,
Coming from the local park’s swing
To swinging on risks in age.
A mix of emotions and excitement and rage
But soon business failed and the drinking prevailed
Coughed up red eyes and flooded lungs.
But you have a hand within yours. To give you courage in your lowest rungs.
You are stressed,envious but loved

Now is the hard part.
WINTER has knocked on our door,
And broken remains of our life lay on the floor
The pushing midst the hurricane
You held on to something and stayed where you belong.
But she was not as strong.
In your case,she acted like a denotion of a lions’s pride,his mane.
Another life which was not in vain.
You rest your head on her as she closes her eyes.
Your face is not as smooth as the spring times
Bags cover your gleamy eyes and legs don’t really feel alive.
A tear races from the creases in your face
You look to the sky and smile at her.
knowing that a life that was loved is now awaiting the love in pace.
So time comes and you lay in a big sky-coloured robe on a white mattress inside a bulding that is denoted by a red cross,while no one cries but you know mum would.
You’re,experienced,fading,but remembered in love.
No one is here but your daughter with her son in her hands.
You smile and rest for you know,
In his eyes, spring has come again.


Ciggaretes,Platonic love and New Years.

It was the 31st of December.The cottage had been seeing wear for sometime now.It felt like the winter breeze had penetrated the cracks in the old wood that desperately needed some furnishing,her body had transcended everything after all the years she spent here waiting but he never came.There were glass shards on the blood red carpet of the bottle of whiskey she’d downed the night before.She would clean it up the next morning for sure as always.Her diary lay open on the last page that was the only one blank.She’d filled the rest of them with their memories,portraits,letters.But tonight,she wasn’t able to.How could she?It was their 10th Anniversary.
Their 4th was the last one they celebrated together.
Ever since “that day” or rather from their 5Th Anniversary,she would decorate their entire cottage with balloons she bought from the supermarket downhill.She’d drink beer all year long but only whiskey on that day.Tears would roll down her smiling face.She’d remember little Kiara and cry every night.But today,she missed the first anniversary more than she missed herself.
She had been baking a cake that wasn’t as sweet as her smile that day.The same breeze was failing to shake her warm heart that was waiting for him to come.Her ears felt the slight footsteps and her teeth revealed themselves.She ran toward the door and stood there even before the bell.She opened the door and a puff of smoke from the ciggarete hanging losely from his lips covered her breath.He came inside and took off his boots.She grabbed him by his hand and whooped him staright to the dining room.He was tall,dark and bland.But she would light his face up every single time.They knew what “love” truly felt like.That day,the universe spoke to them.It told them to never let go of this special emotion that very few know.They were immersed in each other,free from the world.She danced and twirled and brought the cake.They cut it,ate it and then sat by the bonfire.And they celebrated the New Years Day with warmth in their heart and happiness in each other.He took the guitar in his hand and she sat on the floor listening to him and so passed the night.They were supposed to love happily ever after but,3 years after Kiara,their daughter who was born 11 months after their 1st anniversary,on a day where the pleasant sunlight filled the place when he wanted to go to work after dropping Kiara to school,suddenly a call from her shifted his mind from the staring wheel to the phone and an oil tanker coming stright ahead failed to notice the confusion and then…Then….THEN!
The news of this incident was broadcasted on the local news channel when she was dancing about in her living room.Her dancing stopped as soon as she heard names of the first 2 victims.Her feet felt cold and not the one she felt in winters.A different cold.A cold where the heart seems bound up tighter and tighter with each heartbeat.She screamed so hard that her neighbours came running by and she rushed to the site but all she could find were 2 deformed bodies that were being taken away.She ran and screamed and ran and screamed in vain.All that she had was gone.The two people that meant the world to her,away from the world.She hasn’t said a complete sentence since that day.She stopped dancing.She doesn’t tie up her hair in buns anymore.She wakes up every morning,eats,drinks and sleeps.This platonic love of her,is what lead to her demise.The world is cruel,there are faults in our stars.But we need to learn to live with it.To suffer loss,is fate.But platonic love,kills.It is what it is and it remains the same.Forever.